Time marches on

Long time, no see.
I’ve been busy over the past year. We moved house, took many trips and I was promoted to a senior-level position. Good stuff.
There have also been a few bad things: we’ve yet to have a baby, though I feel the time is right. I can literally feel myself getting older — I’ve hurt my back, feet, and gotten an ever-expanding stomach. Still, I’m just 34. Plenty of time ahead, hope.
Right now, my main goals are to try and make my job better for the employees while improving our product. I’ve been thinking a bit about the future, though nothing specific. Things like possibly getting out of the fading media biz and opening up my own business.Unfortunately, I think that would be limited to something like a bar, restaurant or eikaiwa, none of which I am too keen on doing. That said, I’ve just ben promoted. Probably best to see how things unfold for the time being…

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