Moving on up!

Moving. That is usually one word that inspired dread in the lazy. So far for me, though, it hasn’t been that bad. Dare I even say it, the process has even been fun at times.
In an attempt to move to a more spacious and quieter setting than our current apartment, we scouted out a number of potential houses for rent. Fairly early in the game we found one we liked. So we applied for it, we’re told we’d be able to rent it, and are now just waiting to sign the papers and then move in in the middle of March.
While March is said to be the busiest period of the year for moving companies, and hence their biggest cash cow, we’ve already managed to negotiate a decent (read: fairly expensive) price with one firm.
We’ve now got a 40 empty cardboard boxes and a billion new things we didn’t have when we moved into the apartment to pack up.
It should be a good time. Really. I anticipate finding a number of lost socks and other assorted treasures in the process. Maybe even some cash behind the couch!

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