Reboot: What’s next

Time to reboot this blog.
This time, I’m gonna take things in a generic direction. There are just too many things going on to focus on one specific genre or topic.
So with that, I give you a list of things I need to do:
1. Slap the shit out of rude Oyaji next to me.
2. File taxes…for years back.
3. Exercise to lose this ever-expanding beer/bread gut.
4. Take my 日本語 to the next level.
5. Get a new job.
6. Have kids.
7. Drink less.
8. Drink more.
9. Move house.
10. Improve relationship with father-in-law
11. Seriously eye what it takes to start a business here.
12. Get driver’s license.
13. Finish books I got for Christmas years ago.
14. Apply for spousal visa.
15. Work toward permanent residency.
16. Buy property back in the States.

And I’m spent. For now.

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